Documents and Links for Class


General Quebec Web Sites


Web Site of the Government of Quebec

Welcome to Quebec – Personal site of Patrick Cousture

Independence of Québec - Resource Centre for the English-Speaking World


Native Peoples

Native Peoples of Quebec

Hydro-Québec and the native peoples

Map of Quebec’s First Nations

Synopsis of the film Black Robe





New France

Virtual Museum of New France


The Acadians



Life in New France 1524-1763

Daily Life in New France

The French Regime


Local History

1860 Gazetteer of Clinton County

The Early Days of Lake Champlain and Chazy Landing

The Early Settlers of Trombly’s Bay

Congress' Own/Hazen's Regiment/Second Canadian Regiment

Congress' Own/Hazen's Regiment/Second Canadian Regiment


The English Regime

Cousture Web Site


Patriot Rebellions of 1837-1838

The Ten Resolutions: History of Canada Online

Web Site: Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 (in French)


After The Patriotes

Lord Durham

Report of Lord Durham on the Affairs of British North America


United Canada 1839-1867


French-Canadian Immigration to the United States


Louis Riel


Rural Life

Cornelius Kreighoff PowerPoint

Cornelius Krieghoff



Bonheur d’occasion/ The Tin Flute


Quebec History 1867-1960

The Province of Quebec: The First Era: From Confederation to the Quiet Revolution


Coming of Age in Quebec

Mon Oncle Antoine

Mon oncle Antoine: Of Asbestos Mines and Christmas Candy By André Loiselle


La grande noirceur


Refus global

Refus global (text)

·         Paul-Émile Borduas:

·         Jean-Paul Riopelle :

·         Les Automatistes :

Paintings of Bourdas and Riopelle


Les insolences du Frère Untel

he Quiet Revolution/La Révolution Tranquille


La Guerre, Yes Sir!


Quebec History 1960- 20??



Profile of the English-speaking Community in the Eastern Townships


Film Links

Film Links.htm


Sports in Quebec

  1. (General)
  2. Le Canadien de Montreal
    1.  Wikipedia:
    2. Team web site:
    3. Historical web site:
  3. Montreal Impact:
  4. Auto Racing:
  5. Grand Prix de Montreal:


Quebec Culture (General)

  1. Government of Quebec:
  2. Wikipedia:



·         Wikipedia:


Painting and Sculpture


Architecture and Furniture

·         Belanger:

·         Quebec City:

·         Montreal:

·         Moshe Safdie:

  1. Musée québécois de la culture populaire :

1.       Séguin Collection :,_r%C3%A9v%C3%A9lateur_de_la_civilisation_traditionnelle_des_Qu%C3%A9b%C3%A9cois.html#Images

2.      Small Buildings :

3.      Stanké sculptures:

·         Arts and Crafts in Quebec :








Quebec Literature

Quebec Literature




Franco-Americans Past and Present

·         Wikipedia:

·         So, who are they?

·         Franco-American History Center, Orono, Maine :

·         The Franco American Centre, Manchester, New Hampshire:


Local Franco American History and Heritage

·         Northern New York Canadian American Genealogy Society:

1.      Are your ancestors here?:

2.      Or are they here?:

·         Clinton County Historical Association: