Samuel de Champlain Quadricentennial Sites


New York Site:

Vermont Site:

Québec 1608 - 2008, Québec City Site

Québec 1608 – 2008 - La chanson thème de Danny Boudreau


Samuel de Champlain Sites


Samuel de Champlain, Adventurer in New France

400th Anniversaries of Champlain’s Voyages

Samuel de Champlain: Biography

Le tombeau de Champlain

Champlain raconte (Slow to load but worth it)


La Nouvelle France


Nouvelle France/New France

La France en Amérique/France in America


After Champlain


Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville


Canadian History


Le Canada : Une histoire populaire - CBC Canada


Quebec History


Bélanger’s Quebec History Site

Patrick Couture’s Quebec Site (in four languages)

Le Québec et l'Amérique du Nord – Un site allemandVoir l’index


Franco-American Cultural and Historical Facts


Franco-American History and Culture – University of Tennessee Martin

Franco-Americans and the Emigration of French Canadians to the United States

My Heritage Is Franco-American by Joanne Richmond

moé pi toé – Franco-American Essays and Fiction Rhea Côté Robbins, Editor

My French Roots Quiz – Northern New York Canadian American Genealogy Society

Voyageur Songs (inactive)

The Voyageur’s World

French Catholics in the United States

Jean Baptiste de St. Ours


The Loyalists – The Other Settlers


The Eastern Townships


Curriculum Links


L’écho d’un people - Ontario (Lots of exercises)

Le Québec et l'Amérique du Nord – Un site allemand – Voir l’index

Wisconsin’s French Connections – Ideas for School Projects

Service Learning and Samuel de Champlain

La Baie MissisquoiExercice d’écologie

Célébration Champlain Strategic Plan - Lakes to Locks Passage - Education & Curriculum Development – What is missing? (DBG)

Voyageurs Activity Pack - St. Joseph’s County, Indiana


Local Histories


History of the Champlain Valley by Sid Couchey - Page at Peru High School

Church of St. Jean Baptiste, Troy NY


Traditional and Contemporary Folk Music Sites


La Musique Folklorique

Chansons à Répondre

More Chansons à Répondre


Singers and Groups


Mes Aïeux

Josée Vachon

Le Vent du Nord

Les Chauffeurs à Pieds

Monique Jutras

Michele Choiniere


News Stories – Old and New


People v J. Chapeleau - 1889

New York Times: Rediscovering the French in New York State - 2003

Quebec New York Economic Summit - 2004

Voilà! Franco-Americans Regain Their Tongue- 2006