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Here you will find information for each of the classes I teach; Forensic Science (CHE100), Applied Chemistry (CHE101), Bloodstain Pattern Analysis  (CHE280), Foundational Skills in Science (SCI110) and Biotechnology (BIO250). I also teach a 1 credit Biotechnology Independent Study for those of you that wish to finesse your lab skills or need a 1 credit lab science credit. In addition I teach an Online Forensic Science (CHE100-1DL) course for those of you who cannot make it on to campus every day. Check out the Online Learning link for more information (Online learning).

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (3 credits) - Emphasis is placed on the correct observation, documentation and interpretation of bloodstain patterns. Upon completion of this course students will have acquired an understanding of how bloodstain pattern analysis can assist in the investigation of crime scenes involving blood spatter. Prerequisite - Forensic Science (CHE100).

Foundational Skills in Science (1 credit) -This is a foundation course designed for science students to prepare them for course work in science classes.  Students will be introduced to scientific writing, writing effective lab reports, how to perform literature searches, how to evaluate sources, use of spreadsheets, constructing and evaluating graphs and tables, scientific measurement, handling data and use of statistics for data analysis.  1 contact hour/week for 15 weeks or 2 contact hours/week for 7 weeks.

 For those of you that are my advisees please use the link above to find some valuable information on registration dates, curriculum worksheets, career planning and transfer etc. 

For those of you that seek a little stress relief I have also included a link for information about the Cardio kickboxing club I teach on campus! Remember this is just one of the many student clubs on campus. They are listed in your Student Handbook. Join one and meet some new friends! 

Also! Cardio kickboxing is offered as a 1 credit HPE activity class (HPE123). See the Master Schedule on-line for days and times.

I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes.

Contact Information
202T Stafford Science and Technology Building.
Phone and Voicemail: (518) 562-4348
Email: lynn.fowler@clinton.edu

Mailing address: 136 Clinton Point Drive, Plattsburgh NY 12901.
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