Welcome Advisees!

What is the role of your advisor?: I am more than just someone from whom you need a "signature"! I can assist you in many ways and hope to be an important contact person while you are at CCC, and even after you leave! We work together to ensure you are on the correct academic path for your career goals. I can also offer assistance if you need direction, many students just "don't know" yet what they want to do. I can provide guidance and advice on academic or other concerns related to ensuring your success here at CCC and act as an advocate to suggest solutions or refer you to on-campus resources.

When should I contact my advisor?: It is recommended that you come and see me in the first couple of weeks of classes; or earlier if you have questions or a problem arises. Then stop in throughout the semester to touch base (I always have candy in my office!). You are required to schedule a meeting with me during the advisement/registration period as my signature is required on you registration card before you can register for classes. You will receive and email and letter from me around this time. Also check out the college calendar for important  dates for the academic year.

Please use the tools and links on this page to gather the information you need so that together we can be sure you are on the correct academic path for your life goals. 

Office: 202T (Stafford Science and Technology Building)
Email: lynn.fowler@clinton.edu

(updated 1/16)

Useful Links & Tools