Cardio Kickboxing at Clinton Community College
Have Fun! Get in shape! Learn Self Defense! Make friends! Increase Self-confidence! Improve Flexibility & Coordination!

Kickboxing provides an alternative to the monotony of stairmasters and stationary bikes by combining martial arts kicking techniques and various boxing punches. The end result seems to be a sport that people are raving about.

"It's an intense workout, very high energy. I can really tell that I'm burning calories". (Cicelee Padilla)

Many attribute the sports' recent popularity to the expedient and visible results. Kickboxing burns between 700 - 1,000 calories an hour. Compare that to 300 - 400 calories burned by the average hour-long step aerobics class. We use stationary free standing punching bags to intensify our workouts and increase the fun.

So check out the flyers on campus for scheduled classes or contact Lynn Fowler¬† ( for more details. 

Any CCC student or staff member can come to classes. Classes are FREE for students and $15/semester for staff. 

Come have some fun and "kick butt at CCC"!!