Welcome to my Advisor page. On this page are important dates and the ten easy steps every student must complete to properly register for the next semester.

Registration begins on:
Thursday, Nov. 12th  for December 2009 Graduates
Monday, Nov. 16th for Continuing Students

Here are the 10 easy steps to the registration process:

  1. Locate and print the Math-Science Curriculum Worksheet .
  2. Go to the CCC Home Page. Once there:
    • Click on Student Portal
    • Enter your CCC username and password
    • Follow the onscreen directions to enter your PIN
    • Print a copy of your unofficial transcripts
  3. Update the Curriculum Worksheet to reflect all classes completed by the end of the current semester.
  4. If you are graduating at the end of the next semester we will complete a Graduation Worksheet during this advisement period.
  5. Go to the Registrarís office to obtain a registration form (and printed schedule if desired).
  6. Check the College Catalogue. It contains a chart of prerequisites in a suggested course sequence layout for Math-Science classes.
  7. Make your class choices for Spring 2010 (This is a good time to plan the rest of your college time).
  8. Check the online schedule for desired and available classes. 
  9. Fill out the registration form and see me for sign-off.
  10. Go to the Registrarís office and register for classes.

It is your responsibility to see me for schedule or graduation sheet approval. I will have expanded hours for approximately two weeks and then I will go back to my normal hours for the semester. It will be easiest to see me during the expanded hours, make every attempt to do so.

I am your advisor and I will help you in any way I can. I cannot take on your responsibilities, you have to meet your obligations just have I have to meet mine. Please get in early so you can register early and get the best choice of classes.

Office hours and location - Fall 2008 Semester
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Room 535M
Room 535
Room 535M
Room 535M
Room 535M

Appointments are easily available outside of these hours. Contact me to arrange an appointment.
Michael Helinger

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