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This website has been developed to support the teaching mission at Clinton Community College.  As such, it contains sections on how learning happens, how to assign and grade papers and, how to teach critical thinking.  It also contains information about student evaluations of teaching, and on how to build a successful reappointment portfolio. Links to the modules are in the left hand menu. Within module links are located in the right hand menus.


My goal was to include only those pedagogical strategies with empirical support.  And, although the most common phrases I encountered were "although there is little previous research" or "little empirical evidence exists," I believe I have found enough empirical evidence to support the strategies you will find here. The first 7 links to the left are to summaries of the empirical literature in each area of pedagogy. Each summary also includes links to more specific information and summaries of the particular articles I found. By far, the largest number of links and greatest amount of information can be found in How Learning Happens.


The Perils of Pedagogy page summarizes the theoretical and practical problems associated with most pedagogical practices. It may be tempting to throw one's hand up in despair after reading it, but I have also included a summary of the most current thinking on what makes a Great Teacher. Great teaching is possible and worth striving for.


I have also included a brief summary of Academically Adrift, an empirically strong, stunning indictment of higher education. We must remember that learning is essentially an inside job and, no teaching strategy can compensate for low student effort, or low standards.


I hope that you find useable suggestions and stimulating ideas here.  Please feel free to contact me at june.foley@clinton.edu with any suggestions, comments, or questions.






I would like to thank the administration and Board of Trustees at Clinton Community College for their support.  In addition, I would like to acknowledge the help of Kay Figlioli, Librarian, Peggy Perkins, Web Coordinator, Chris Ford, CIS Intern Coordinator, Vicky Sloan, Distance Learning Coordinator and Chris Culler, Intern for their help.






















  1. Written by June Foley, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Clinton Community College, Copyright (c) 2011 Permission is expressly granted to use the information found on this site for educational purposes with proper citation of this site and any sources used here.